Top Christchurch Road Trips You Must Take

If you want to explore New Zealand and its breathtaking views, you should take your campervan Rental Christchurch through Christchurch. There is a lot to explore such as Queenstown, Fox Glacier, Hammer Springs and much more. You can choose the route you want to explore and plan your days to match the scenic views and the things to see. Here we have identified a few must visit route in Christchurch where you should consider taking a road trip.

image credit: Tourism New Zealand

1. Road to Hammer Springs: this is one of the best scenic views in Christchurch, one that you cannot avoid if you are a road tripper. It is a short ride from the town and is a true indulgence for travelers. You get to enjoy some of the top adventures while on this route. You should start from Christchurch and breathe in the arts and heritage present in this town. Now, take the motorhome hire Christchurch along the Kaikoura coastal route. You will see some of the scenic beach views while on this route. It also houses some of the top wildlife in New Zealand. Along this route, you will also spot the Waipara’s vineyards along with olive groves. You should take the massages and eat good food when in hammer springs

2. The Akaraa Road: if you want to see a small yet incredible French settlement in New Zealand, you should take the road to Akaraa from Christchurch. It goes through Arthur’s Pass, which is a mountain village. This place hosts an incredible history and also offers harbor trips. On your return journey, you can take one of the many trails that are popular in this route and enjoy bird watching.

3. The Blenheim Road: This route from Christchurch to Blenheim is known for good adventures, hot springs and a lot of delectable food. It is a challenging route where you will find adventures along every corner. You will also notice some of the best cultural entertainment in this route. If you love the hot pools, don’t forget to park your campervan rental Christchurch and take a dip in these pools. You can go river rafting and kayaking along St. Arnaud. You should also try mountain biking while on this route

4. The Fox Glacier Road: this is one of the biggest road trips in the country. You should take a five day off to drive through this route. It moves from Christchurch to Fox Glacier and bck. There are plenty of attractions in this route. You should stop by the Wanaka lakeside and take in the beautiful views.

5. The Queenstown Road: Plan a trip in your motorhome hire Christchurch to Queenstown from Christchurch. This route takes you through the southern island and moves to the south alps. You will see the breathtaking views of Canterbury Plains, Dunedin and Omaru along this route

6. Flordland Road: It is a 9-day roadtrip from Christchurch to Flordland. You should stop by Dunedin on this route. There are too many incredible mountain views on this route that make your roadtrip experiential.

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